BMI The Cavell Hospital is located one mile from Enfield town and is conveniently situated to serve the communities of North London and Hertfordshire. Our hospital offers a wide range of specialist services for the effective diagnosis and treatment of …

Spire Bushey Hospital

Spire Bushey Hospital offers comprehensive private hospital services to patients from Hertfordshire, North London and surrounding areas. In 2009 it underwent a £7 million investment programme which provided an upgraded state-of-the-art CT scanner, a 5th operating theatre, a new pathology …


Are you after private hospitals in Middlesex? Our specialist Clementine Churchill Hospital is ideally positioned in Harrow, however you don’t need to live locally for us to treat you. Our private hospital in Harrow offers the most comfortable and clean …

South Buckinghamshire

BMI The Shelburne Hospital opened in August 2000 and is located within the Wycombe Hospital site, in the heart of High Wycombe. BMI The Shelburne hospital has 3 operating theatres, equipped to the highest standard, including 2 specially designed for …

Warwickshire Nuffield Hospital

Nuffield Health Warwickshire Hospital was originally established in 1981 as a charitable trust and joined Nuffield Health Hospitals in 1994. Serving the Coventry and Warwickshire regions, we offer a comprehensive range of specialist services and treatments for medical and surgical …

What’s happening in the world of Aesthetics?

Retinal Products (Vitamin A Derivatives) have seen a huge evolution in that they not only boost collagen production but also aid in getting rid of fine lines and improving skin tone - they’re the heroes of the anti-ageing arsenal.…

‘I highly recommend Dr Rai for the time and care he gave me, which was lacking from my NHS GP. He provided a thorough diagnosis and left nothing to chance in addressing my problems.

I came to him because the GPs in my NHS surgery weren’t giving me any confidence in their…

Our Level 1 Basic Employee Health Check includes a BMI assessment, blood pressure and much more.

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The article in The Mirror sheds light on the alarming rise in complications and unsatisfactory results due to treatments being carried out by untrained or inadequately trained individuals. This not only puts the patient at risk but also undermines the entire aesthetic industry.

The Importance of Regulation in Cosmetic Treatments 🧵

Today, I want to discuss a very important issue that has been highlighted in a recent article by The Mirror - the need for tighter regulation of cosmetic treatments.

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Dr Harjeev Rai is a MOSA (Medical Officer of Schools Association) member and was appointed as the Medical Officer for Haberdashers Aske’s School for Girls in July 2017.

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