• Passwords are one way encrypted meaning it cannot be reversed engineered to get the plain text password. E.g. PlainPass is stored as A*HHJ*6d*75*gb in the database.
• All data is cleaned and escaped to prevent SQL Injections.
• We use prepared statements for database queries to prevent SQL Injections.
• Session cookies are used to track user activity. These cookies are created with the secure and httponly flags.
• We use sessions to track active users and only show their relevant data.
• The site has a secure certificate meaning all data sent from the server to the browser and vice versa is encrypted.
• The server has an active hardware firewall which prevents unauthorised access to the server and database.

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Occupational Health

We are passionate about Occupational Health and Corporate Health Screening. We are proud of the relationships we have developed with our clients nationally.

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Private GP Services

If you would like to consult a private GP please contact us to book an appointment. You can see a private GP about any medical problem without a referral.  

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Wellness Screening

We specialise in Wellness health screening for individual and corporate clients at several locations in the UK.   What is Health Screening? Screening is a public health service in which

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Hessington Health is a private medical services company that offers a high standard of care, offering each client a bespoke service.