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Spire Bushey Hospital recommends Hessington Health’s Health-Port service. Health-Port is a secure online electronic store for Patient health records.
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Hessington Health is proud to introduce an exciting collaboration with Spire Bushey Hospital which offer’s bespoke Occupational Health services to companies of all sizes. The Occupational Health Service is delivered from the Spire Bushey premises, which offers all of the state of the art facilities required to provide the support your company requires.

Hessington Health offers the following services:

Sickness Surveillance

Your organisation will be given access to a secure web based tool  (SMaRT) which will help you manage inappropriate absence from work. This will be supported with medical input from a Doctor who is a trained Occupational Health Physician.

Occupational Health Surveillance

As an employer you will have certain statutory responsibilities in undertaking health surveillance in your work place. We are trained to undertake these assessments on site or in our clinic at Spire Bushey Hospital. We will give to practical advice which will be in line with current legislation. Generally site visits are required for these assessments, which we can arrange with little notice.

Occupational Health Screening

This service is offered to employers who choose to invest in the health of their work force by offering their employees a yearly medical health assessment. This has been shown to increase job satisfaction and reduction in ill health from work. All of our assessments will be undertaken at Spire Bushey Hospital. Your employees will have access to our physiotherapy and psychological well-being departments as well as access to all of our highly qualified Consultants.

Drug Screening

It is becoming a requirement in certain industries for their employees to have a random drug screen. We specialise in implementing and monitoring an in-house random drug screening program.
A healthier and happier work force helps a company maintain productivity. We are here to assist you in achieving that. To see how we can help your organisation please contact us.

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    Come and see us in Harley Street for all your private medical assessments and cosmetic treatments! 🤩
    #HessingtonHealth #BespokeHealthcare #WellnessJourney #Healthcare #PersonalisedCare

    Come and see us here for your private medical assessments and cosmetic treatments in these amazing facilities in Elstree.
    #HessingtonHealth #BespokeHealthcare #WellnessJourney #Healthcare #PersonalisedCare

    Come and see us in Harley Street for all your private medical assessments and cosmetic treatments! 🤩
    #HessingtonHealth #BespokeHealthcare #WellnessJourney #Healthcare #PersonalisedCare

    Come and see us here for your private medical assessments and cosmetic treatments in these amazing facilities in Elstree.
    #HessingtonHealth #BespokeHealthcare #WellnessJourney #Healthcare #PersonalisedCare

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    Our Level 1 Basic Employee Health Check includes a BMI assessment, blood pressure and much more.

    This is one of the many checks we offer under our Occupational Health service - find out more here:


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