Colon Cancer Awareness: Promoting Public Access to Life-Saving Tests

In today’s fast-paced world, staying informed about our health is crucial. Regular screenings and early detection play a vital role in preventing and treating various diseases, including colon cancer. As the media highlights the importance of health-related topics, it is imperative to address the availability of tests for the public. In this blog post, we shed light on colon cancer and emphasise the significance of accessible screenings offered by Hessington Health.

Understanding Colon Cancer

Colon cancer, also known as colorectal cancer, affects the colon or rectum, which are part of the large intestine. It is one of the most common cancers worldwide, and its prevalence is increasing. Often, colon cancer develops from small growths called polyps, which can become cancerous over time.

Early detection of colon cancer significantly improves the chances of successful treatment. Regular screenings, such as colonoscopies and fecal occult blood tests (FOBT), can help identify precancerous polyps or detect cancer at an early stage when it is more treatable.

Public Access to Colon Cancer Tests

Hessington Health recognises the importance of making colon cancer screenings readily available to the public. They offer comprehensive colon cancer testing services, ensuring that individuals can take proactive measures for their health. The tests are performed by experienced healthcare professionals in a comfortable and supportive environment.


A colonoscopy is a thorough examination of the colon and rectum using a flexible tube with a camera attached (colonoscope). This procedure allows doctors to visualise the entire colon and remove any polyps detected during the examination. Hessington Health provides colonoscopies with a focus on patient comfort and safety, ensuring a positive experience for all.

Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT)

An FOBT is a non-invasive screening test that detects tiny amounts of blood in the stool, which may be an early sign of colon cancer. This test is easy to perform at home and does not require any special preparation. Hessington Health offers FOBT kits to the public, enabling individuals to conveniently screen for colon cancer in the privacy of their own homes.

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Importance of Colon Cancer Screening

Colon cancer often develops silently, without noticeable symptoms in the early stages. By the time symptoms appear, the cancer may have progressed to an advanced stage, making it more challenging to treat. Regular screenings provide an opportunity for early detection, potentially saving lives.

Through proactive testing, individuals can identify precancerous polyps and have them removed before they develop into cancer. Furthermore, detecting colon cancer at an early stage significantly increases the chances of successful treatment and reduces the risk of the cancer spreading to other parts of the body.

Bottom Line

The path to better outcomes starts with testing and early diagnosis. By undergoing regular screenings for conditions like colon cancer, individuals have the opportunity to detect any abnormalities at an early stage. Early diagnosis allows for timely and effective treatment, which greatly improves the chances of positive outcomes. By following this sequence of test, early diagnosis, and early treatment, individuals can take control of their health and increase their chances of better outcomes in managing and treating various diseases.

Regular colon cancer screenings can make a significant difference in preventing and treating this disease. By taking advantage of the tests offered by Hessington Health, individuals can prioritise their health, potentially saving lives and promoting a healthier future for themselves and their loved ones.

Remember, early detection is key, and taking the first step towards screening for colon cancer can be a life-changing decision. Stay informed, stay proactive, and prioritise your health. Together, we can combat colon cancer and create a healthier tomorrow.

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    #HessingtonHealth #BespokeHealthcare #WellnessJourney #Healthcare #PersonalisedCare

    Come and see us here for your private medical assessments and cosmetic treatments in these amazing facilities in Elstree.
    #HessingtonHealth #BespokeHealthcare #WellnessJourney #Healthcare #PersonalisedCare

    Come and see us in Harley Street for all your private medical assessments and cosmetic treatments! 🤩
    #HessingtonHealth #BespokeHealthcare #WellnessJourney #Healthcare #PersonalisedCare

    Come and see us here for your private medical assessments and cosmetic treatments in these amazing facilities in Elstree.
    #HessingtonHealth #BespokeHealthcare #WellnessJourney #Healthcare #PersonalisedCare

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