Level 3 Executive Plus Health Screen


Executive Plus Health Screen

2-hour medical Assessment with a Doctor. This is an intensive medical assessment, designed to help us achieve an in-depth understanding of your health through an extensive physical examination and variety of blood tests.

This package includes an exercise stress test, designed to screen for ischaemic heart disease (angina). The stress test will take approximately 30 minutes and involves running on a treadmill whilst being monitored by the ECG machine – you will be required to bring your running shoes/gym clothes. A Cardiologist will then review the report.

The assessment will include:

  •  Height/body mass index assessment
  •  Urine assessment
  •  Blood pressure
  •  Lung function
  •  Audiology (hearing) assessment
  •  Musculoskeletal assessment
  •  Neurological assessment with visual fields
  •  ECG of the heart
  •  Exercise Stress Test

Blood Tests:

  •  Blood count
  •  Kidney test
  •  Liver test
  •  Gout test
  •  Thyroid test
  •  Calcium level
  •  Cholesterol level
  •  Diabetes test
  •  PSA prostate marker test for men
  •  PAP smear for women
  •  Faecal Occult Blood Stool test (Bowel Cancer screening)

Full Report
Prices from £675

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