What is Health-Port ® ?

What is Health-Port ®

Health-Port® is your mobile health passport. A web based File Storage system allowing you to store all of your health records on-line. This system is secure and is accessible anytime/anywhere with an internet connection.

The aim of this system is to give patients control and access to their health records.

Health-Port® Account Benefits

1. Storage: Unlimited on-line storage of your health records

2. Access: On-line account access 24 hours a day, seven days a week*

3. Security: High level security measures are in place to give you peace of mind in knowing that your records are safe

4. Password & PIN: You will be given your own login name and unique password and 4 digit PIN to access the secure on line record storage system

5. Third Party Access: Within your account you can assign a specialist viewing rights of your health records. You can also set an access time limit from hours to days. This feature offers a huge advantage when patients want their consultants to become fully aware of the health history before the consultation even begins.

6. Emergencies: In emergency situations particularly if you are overseas, giving medics access to your on line health records may be life saving

7. Data Security: We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office to ensure that we are Data Protection compliant. This is to reassure you that we treat your files with strict confidentiality in line with the Data Protection act

8. Cost: There is a subscription fee of £175 per annum for this service.

9. Scanning Records: We scan your records into Health-Port® for security reasons. The creation of the account does not cover scanning charges.

Nominal fees will apply for records scanned into the system, please enquire.
* subject to terms and conditions

Interested in signing up?

Sign Up for Health-Port® here

This is a subscription based service for your private health records. It does not interact in any way with your NHS health records.

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