Well Man Screening

It is a recognised fact that men attend the G.P. surgery far less than women and often present late with their problems.

The purpose of health screening for men is twofold; firstly to identify problems early on and deal with them appropriately, and secondly to focus on problems that are specific to men such as prostate issues, testicular cancer and impotence. You may have specific or multiple worries which you want to address. Having the Wellman screen offers a good baseline to the health assessment process.

The screening process is broken down as follows:

  • One hour medical assessment with the Doctor which includes:
    1. Bloods tests which look at:
      Anaemia and Infection
      Kidney function
      Liver function
      Bone profile
      Thyroid disorders
      Prostate activity (PSA, Prostate Cancer Screen)
    2. ECG of the heart – this looks at the electrical activity of the heart
    3. Faecal Occult Blood (FOB) test – Testing for traces of blood in the stool (Screen for Bowel Cancer)
  • A full report of your results and any recommendations.
  • Long term access to the Doctor.

COST: from £450.00 (inclusive of all fees)


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