Testimonial by Nicholas Charalambous
23rd March 2017

My name is Nicholas Charalambous, I visited Dr Rai at Hessington Health for a full check up last year in June 2016 and my results showed that I had a condition named type two diabetes. I also attended my GP to find he also had given me the same results. The only difference was my GP gave me tablets and sent me away. Dr Rai explained to me what type two diabetes was and how to tackle it. He informed me that I had to change my life style by dieting and exercising.

Dr Rai, at Hessington Health held my hand through this difficult time and as of today real time 23/03/2017 I followed Dr Rai’s format and I have not touched any tablet since July 2016.

I recently visited my GP for another blood test and they informed me that my sugar level was perfect, they also advised that the tablets that they gave me seemed to be working. I advised them that I had not touched the tablets and explained that I changed my life style through the recommendations of Hessington Health.

I will always take advise from any GP, any specialist or practioner and within my testimonial I am stating if you are recommended to take tablets then do listen but it always good to get a second opinion.

I would like to thank Dr Rai at Hessington Health for the service he has given me.


Testimonial by IC
29th June 2016

I highly recommend Dr Rai for the time and care he gave me, which was lacking from my NHS GP. He provided a thorough diagnosis and left nothing to chance in addressing my problems. I came to him because the GPs in my NHS surgery weren’t giving me any confidence in their ability. Dr Rai strives to go the extra mile and I wouldn’t hesitate to visit him again for reassurance and peace of mind.


Testimonial by Mike G
(Hadley Wood)
March 2016

This is my third year of annual health screening with Hessington Health. Each year I leave feeling reassured that all is well and that everything has been checked thoroughly and nothing has been left to chance. Any changes from the previous year’s results are thoroughly explained and a plan is put in place to make sure everything is monitored or dealt with. I always feel more confident in the results than with other screening companies I have used before. I would recommend Dr Rai and his team each and every time.


Testimonial by Stephen Williams
(Cheshunt, Herts)
21st June 2016

Me and my wife were very impressed by the Health Screening we experienced.
Dr Rai sat with each of us in which he listened to our areas causing any concern. A full assessment was carried out and we received his detailed reports and findings within seven days.
We felt at all times, Dr Rai was giving us the right advice and he couldn’t do enough to offer his wealth of experience to meet our needs.


Testimonial by Mr N Charalambous
(North London)
16th May 2016

My name is Nicolas Charalambos. I have had blood pressure for around 15 years and have been under the national health service and have been receiving tablets from Beta blockers to indapamide, I also suffer from white coat syndrome and it seems that whenever I see a Doctor my blood pressure jumps significantly. I met Dr Rai a couple of years ago through mutual friends but never actual used him. After feeling I needed a full body check up I called him and he was very attentive to my needs as I am a very busy person on a day to day as scheduled me in at an available time. He did a full body check up, finding my blood sugar high, cholesterol high and my blood pressure high- not being judgemental Dr Rai discussed a course of life style change and he also changed my blood pressure tablets providing me with a blood pressure chart as he wanted to know on a daily basis on how I was doing, which I thought was fantastic. I was even more impressed where he went through the trouble to of finding products which would help with my blood sugar.

It is a month on from when I saw Dr Rai, my blood pressure is stable at 131.80 which is fantastic, the medication has agreed with me and I am taking two tablets instead of three a day and not only that through his guidance my mind set towards food and fizzy drinks has changed and I have lost just over one stone and a half. This is not through that horrible word dieting, just a bit of help from Dr Rai.

All the above is a true fact from day one till now. I cannot highly recommend Dr Rai enough and I wish to thank him not only as a professional but as a man.

Testimonial by Mr. Rajiv Bajekal Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
(Barnet and Chase Farm NHS Trust/Spire Bushey Hospital and BMI Group)

Service:  Health-Port
7th March 2013

Dear Dr Rai,

I had a patient referred to me from your surgery and was fascinated by what turned out to be a very refreshing experience!
He was a man in a hurry. Acute back pain, 3 days before a flight to LA. I ordered an MRI and saw him in a day. Problem was that he was in a lot of pain and would have found it difficult to access GP services for a prescription for NSAID’s. I was reluctant to prescribe as I was not sure what drugs he was on and his detailed medical history. Indeed most Hospital Consultants are very reluctant to prescribe medication even for pain as there is always a concern about drug interactions, missing some element of past medical history etc. This makes it quite awkward as patients expect some relief of symptoms when they come to us!

 I was able to access all the records on the patient you referred because he had a password protected access to your website and saw all his records, giving me confidence to prescribe him Diclofenac. It was a fantastic experience and one that I think will be essential for all patients in the future!

I thought I should just feedback on this




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    ‘I highly recommend Dr Rai for the time and care he gave me, which was lacking from my NHS GP. He provided a thorough diagnosis and left nothing to chance in addressing my problems.

    I came to him because the GPs in my NHS surgery weren’t giving me any confidence in their…

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