Weight Loss Programme

The weight loss clinic was set up in 2007 to tackle the increasing obesity levels in the UK

According to estimates from Public Health England, two thirds of adults and a quarter of children between two and 10 years old are overweight or obese. Obese children are more likely to become overweight adults and to suffer premature ill health, and by 2034, 70 per cent of adults are expected to be overweight or obese.

Our weight loss clinic programme has a proven track record of success. The key with our program is that it tackles weight problems in a number of ways as there are more than one reason why most people are overweight.

We structure our program in the following way:

  • Explore family history and build up full medical history
  • Arrange a variety of blood tests to ensure there is no medical cause for the weight gain
  •  Depression and its effects on weight gain
  • Measure skin fold thickness in key areas
  • Measure % body fat
  • Full physical assessment
  • Review current dietary habits
  • Produce an appropriate diet plan
  • Incorporate Calorie control elements to the diet
  • Prescribe medication as an adjunct to the diet program to facilitate aggressive but medically managed weight loss
  • 6 weekly medical monitoring

This service is unique in that it does not advocate just one type of diet.  Instead takes the best of a variety of diets with medication and medical supervision.  The aim to achieve quick and sustainable results. This service is available at all of our hospitals; please ring the freephone number for further details.



Dr Rai’s weight loss programme.
I was a size 18. Now I’m a size 8 and have lost 5 stone in a healthy twelve months. Most importantly, 4 months on, I’m still a size 8 and feel great!
In my desperation I have tried so many different diets, including the food substitute kind which I’m not particularly proud of but as soon as I started to eat normally the weight I’d lost (and more) would pile back on!
This is by far the easiest and most effective programme I have been on. It’s also been the most sensible option, since with Dr Rai supervising my progress and regularly monitoring my health, my wellbeing was never an issue.
Thank you Dr Rai, you have helped me change a part of my life that has caused me so much heartache for such a long time!
Mrs G Entwistle, Enfield 


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