Corporate Services

Hessington Health has worked with a number of corporate clients in a variety of sectors.  We have been instrumental in assessing the health of the work force and implementing important changes that deal with unnecessary sick leave.  We have also implemented drug screening services in the work space and we provide a health screening service for employees.

This level of Occupational Health service provision has allowed us to develop a unique software applications for organisations to use called SMT (Sickness Management Tool). This tool empowers the organisation to take control of monitoring the health of its organisation and enable it to performance manage the work force more effectively.

Please read about some of our services to see how we can assist your organisation:

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Occupational Health

We are passionate about Occupational Health and Corporate Health Screening. We are proud of the relationships we have developed with our clients nationally.

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Private GP Services

If you would like to consult a private GP please contact us to book an appointment. You can see a private GP about any medical problem without a referral.  

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Wellness Screening

We specialise in Wellness health screening for individual and corporate clients at several locations in the UK.   What is Health Screening? Screening is a public health service in which

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Hessington Health is a private medical services company that offers a high standard of care, offering each client a bespoke service.