Client Testimonials

“Dr Rai takes the time to understand our needs and provides a superb service to the Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School. He responds quickly which is great when time is of the essence. Dr Rai provides pragmatic guidance and support for both employer and employee which is reassuring for both parties. Appointments for referrals have been within two weeks and turnaround time for reports is quick ensuring that recommendations can be implemented as soon as possible. With a recent case involving long term health issues Dr Rai took on the role of central point of contact for all those involved, GP, Hospital & Specialist to ensure that the best service possible was provided to our employee. Staff referred have all commented how helpful and positive they have found Dr Rai and the service he provides.” (January 2018)

The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School – Ms Rachael Titley, Human Resources Manager
Butterfly Lane, Elstree, Hertfordshire, WD6 3AF
Tel: 020 8266 1700

“Hessington Health have been instrumental in enabling Evolution to reduce erroneous absenteeism and identify existing and potential health problems for staff. Using their bespoke SMaRT Absence Management Software and the ‘Bradford Factor’ calculator we now have live staff welfare information from which we can make important business decisions assisting in the management of employees and impacting positively on company profitability.”

Evolution Electronic Security Systems Limited – Mr Richard Lambert, Director
Evolution Electronic Security Systems Limited, Wooburn Green, HP10 0TT
Tel: 01628 530 380

This a short note to outline Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls’ experience of the occupational health service provided by Dr Rai. Prior to engaging Dr Rai he took time to visit the school to understand our needs and then outlined the service he could provide. He has delivered on the level of service he promised to provide

As a working GP understandably he is not always immediately available. However and more importantly, he is accessible, and responsive providing times to talk on the phone or by providing guidance via email when discussing the strategy for a new employee referral . He has seen all employees referred to him in a very timely manner that has met our requirements.

His reports are timely, which are agreed with the employee first, have fulfilled the school’s legal obligations to an employee but more importantly are clearly written and provide practical advice to the employee and the employer.

The cases he has dealt with have all been considered a success by the school and he has helped employees with their lifestyle choices and to evaluate the impact their health has been having on their work commitments and vice versa. The employees he has seen would all agree that he has demonstrably helped them better understand their health issues and where appropriate he has helped with strategies to improve their health.

Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls – Mr David S Thompson, Bursar
Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls, Aldenham Road, Elstree, Herts, WD6 3BT
Tel: 020 8266 2345

“We can reach the Hessington Health Doctors easily by phone and email. We do not have any problems booking appointments and generally we can get appointments within two weeks. The reports are turned around quickly and we are always kept up to date if there are going to be delays and why. The reports are clear and well written. The employees find the assessments and reports very helpful as the advice is clear, well thought out and pro-active enabling the employee to take responsibility,”

Sumitomo Electric Europe Limited – Isa Cheng
Sumitomo Electric Europe Limited, Elstree
Tel: 020 8953 8118

On behalf of Global Guardians Management Ltd, we would like to thank Hessington Health for providing a high level of Occupational Health services.

Recently one of our senior staff members felt ill, she went home and her health deteriorated drastically. We contacted Hessington Health and Dr Rai attended immediately, they had provisions made for our member of staff and within 24 hours she was admitted to hospital, her symptoms were diagnosed and she was back into work inside of seven days.

What this gave Global Guardians Management was accurate day one sickness absence information so we could immediately manage the missing team members work flow and a high level of medical support for our trusted employees. Hessington Health help us invest in the health and well being of our staff in a supportive and legally compliant way. Our business thrives as we have a happy and healthy workforce as a result of our values and Hessington Health’s support.

We would like to thank Dr Rai at Hessington Health for the service he has given me and my staff members over the last 12 months.

Global Guardians Management Ltd – Mr Nick C Knight, Director
Global Guardians Management Ltd, New Barnet
Tel: 020 8370 0286

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    Come and see us in Harley Street for all your private medical assessments and cosmetic treatments! 🤩
    #HessingtonHealth #BespokeHealthcare #WellnessJourney #Healthcare #PersonalisedCare

    Come and see us here for your private medical assessments and cosmetic treatments in these amazing facilities in Elstree.
    #HessingtonHealth #BespokeHealthcare #WellnessJourney #Healthcare #PersonalisedCare

    Come and see us in Harley Street for all your private medical assessments and cosmetic treatments! 🤩
    #HessingtonHealth #BespokeHealthcare #WellnessJourney #Healthcare #PersonalisedCare

    Come and see us here for your private medical assessments and cosmetic treatments in these amazing facilities in Elstree.
    #HessingtonHealth #BespokeHealthcare #WellnessJourney #Healthcare #PersonalisedCare

    What’s happening in the world of Aesthetics?

    Retinal Products (Vitamin A Derivatives) have seen a huge evolution in that they not only boost collagen production but also aid in getting rid of fine lines and improving skin tone - they’re the heroes of the anti-ageing arsenal.

    ‘I highly recommend Dr Rai for the time and care he gave me, which was lacking from my NHS GP. He provided a thorough diagnosis and left nothing to chance in addressing my problems.

    I came to him because the GPs in my NHS surgery weren’t giving me any confidence in their

    Our Level 1 Basic Employee Health Check includes a BMI assessment, blood pressure and much more.

    This is one of the many checks we offer under our Occupational Health service - find out more here:

    The article in The Mirror sheds light on the alarming rise in complications and unsatisfactory results due to treatments being carried out by untrained or inadequately trained individuals. This not only puts the patient at risk but also undermines the entire aesthetic industry.

    In a world where the pursuit of beauty and youthfulness is more prevalent than ever, it is crucial to remember the importance of safety and professionalism. Cosmetic treatments can have significant risks if not performed by trained and regulated healthcare professionals.

    The Importance of Regulation in Cosmetic Treatments 🧵

    Today, I want to discuss a very important issue that has been highlighted in a recent article by The Mirror - the need for tighter regulation of cosmetic treatments.

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