At Hessington Health we believe we have a social and moral responsibility to assist the most vulnerable in society.  We are passionate about the health and welfare of children.  Our pro-bono service concentrates on assisting children between the ages of 3 months and 16 years of age.

UK Commitment

Dr Rai (CEO) has assisted many families over the years that feel they have fallen between the cracks in the NHS. We have now decided to formalise our commitment to offering pro-bono work to all children that fulfil our criteria. At this stage we are only in a position to take on 2 cases per month but hope that this will increase over time and with more Doctors supporting this service. This service is for families who have limited means to have their child assessed privately.

International Campaign

Hessington Health has made the commitment to invest 20% of its subscription based revenue into children’s charities and its pro-bono service. Where block contract subscriptions are made outside of the UK  the charity contributions will be made to assist their local communities.  The focus will be children’s education, health and welfare.

In due course we will be announcing visits to local Churches, Temples and Mosques where families will have the opportunity to talk to a Doctor, and for us to see if we can reach children/families that would not normally be able to find us.

Our Criteria/Terms

All assessments will be carried out at one of our private hospitals that we consult from (see under contact us). Hessington Health will not charge its professional fees or third party costs such as hospital on-costs. The service is for a single consultation.

We do not see:

    • Children aged 0-3 months
    • Children with an acute (very recent) illness where their NHS GP has not been informed prior
    • Emergency assessments (in a child who presents with a sudden illness where the family have health concerns). You may wish to call 111.  Speak to your GP urgently or call 999
    • A child already under the care of specialist/hospital consultants

We will see:

  • Children with poorly controlled eczema/chronic rashes
  • Failure to thrive (grow) or poor feeding patterns
  • Mild to moderate asthma which has been difficult to control
  • Tiredness and chronic fatigue
  • Child and Adolescent behavioural problems
  • Acne in the teenager with psychological impact
  • Children suffering from allergies

Please note that we are only able to taken on 2 cases per month at the moment.  Once you have completed the enquiry form if you have not heard in 5 working days from us this unfortunately means we are unable to take your case on.

Please do not raise medical questions through the form, we are not offering an e-mail based medical consultation service.

Calling all health care professionals

We are looking for Nurses, GP’s and Consultants (particularly Pediatricians) and Psychologists to offer some of their time to support this service. Please contact us using the form on the right of the page if you can spare some time to participate in this pro- bono service.

We are sure what ever time you can give will be of value to the children and their families.

We would like to personally acknowledge Xanda’s technical assistance and support in this area of our work.

Hessington Health undertakes all pro-bono work in honour of Guru Gobind Singh Rai.

Come and see us in Harley Street for all your private medical assessments and cosmetic treatments! 🤩
#HessingtonHealth #BespokeHealthcare #WellnessJourney #Healthcare #PersonalisedCare

Come and see us here for your private medical assessments and cosmetic treatments in these amazing facilities in Elstree.
#HessingtonHealth #BespokeHealthcare #WellnessJourney #Healthcare #PersonalisedCare

Come and see us in Harley Street for all your private medical assessments and cosmetic treatments! 🤩
#HessingtonHealth #BespokeHealthcare #WellnessJourney #Healthcare #PersonalisedCare

Come and see us here for your private medical assessments and cosmetic treatments in these amazing facilities in Elstree.
#HessingtonHealth #BespokeHealthcare #WellnessJourney #Healthcare #PersonalisedCare

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