What is SMaRT Absence Management ®

Investing in Sick Leave Surveillance could really benefit your organisation.

SMaRT Absence Management is an advanced cloud based system that manages organisational sickness records and produces essential reports in order to highlight sickness trends within the organisation. This tool can be used to identify the following:

  1. Bradford Factor scores for all employees
  2. Drug & Health Screening schedules
  3. Reporting of incidents to RIDDOR
  4. 19 Unique characteristics for your company identified for sickness profiling
  5. Full medical support to companies that require it
  6. There are 2 subscription options. Using the web based system alone or with Dr-Call. The additional Dr-Call option involves the company assigned Doctor calling all employees that have reported a sick day
  7. The subscription based system is 256 bit encrypted

Your organisation will also have the benefit of an Occupational Health trained Doctor providing advice and guidance in areas that require action. We have extensive experience with assisting companies in dealing with their problems with sick leave absence. We work closely with the HR department or a company administrator. We provide a protocol for staff to follow and this is monitored by a designated company Doctor. The company receives quarterly reports and the Doctor plays an active role in supporting the company and the employees. Our statistics show that for the average company we have reduced the average number of sick leave days per employee of 8 days a year to 1.8 days a year.
This service starts from £100 per month. As a tax deductible expense the actual cost of this service can lead to significant cost savings for your business.
For a quotation please visit: https://www.hessingtonhealth.com/smart/
What Is The Economic Cost Of Sickness Absence?

The economic cost of sickness absence is over £100 billion a year. Wellness in the workplace is important because the HSE estimates that muscular disorders are responsible for 9.5 million lost working days in 2005/6, 13.8 million working days lost in 2006/7 due to work related stress. Stress and low back pain costs the British economy £3.7 billion and £5 billion per year respectively. According to the Confederation of British Industry, sickness absence can cost roughly £495 per employee per year which can be a particularly high cost for a small to medium sized enterprise.

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